Streaming devices review: 10 capture cards tested

The best way to stream or record


Terratec Grabster Extreme 

Last but not least the odd one out in this test, the Terratec Grabster Extreme. This little device is actually really only meant to be used for recording. You can't stream with it or connect it to a second PC. Just like most other capture cards it works with an HDMI passthrough, however contrary to all other tested cards it doesn't have to be connected to a PC. Encoding is done by the Grabster itself, and it saves the videos to an external USB device. There are no other adjustable settings on the device, except for the resolution of the video: you can choose between 1920x1080 or 1280x720 with the press of a button. The bit rate can also not be adjusted: it was set to 15.7 Mbps in our Full HD video.

Even though encoding is done by the Grabster itself, the image quality is quite good. The images from the Terratec look better than the 10 Mbps videos we recorded. This is to be expected however, due to the significantly higher bit rate.

The included software is a modified version of MAGIX Video Easy, a video editing program for beginners. Compared to software such as Adobe Premiere the feature set is rather limited, but it does offer much more functionality compared to the software included with other devices in this test.

With an average price of 130 pounds the Grabster Extreme is the second cheapest capture card included in this test. This is unsurprising considering it's limited feature set.

TerraTec Grabster Extreme HD
The Terratec Grabster Extreme HD isn't capable of streaming, it can only record independently from a PC to a USB storage device.

The Terratec comes with theMAGIX Video Easy software, that offers the most functionality for editing video out of all included software we tested.

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