Streaming devices review: 10 capture cards tested

The best way to stream or record


Elgato HD60 / HD60S 

Elgato is also participating in this test with two capture cards: the HD60 and HD60S. Both devices are capable of recording and streaming at 60 fps. The differences between the two are rather small; for example, the interface and connection type differ: the HD60 has a micro-USB 2.0 connection, whereas the HD60S features a USB 3.0 Type-C connector. It should be noted that the included cable is a Type-A one on the side of the PC.

The two devices also differ in terms of features. The HD60S supports 'Instant Gameview', which allows you to view what's being streamed without any delay. This is not the case with the HD60, however it does features 'Master Copy', a feature that saves a much higher quality version of the stream, which can be very useful if you want to upload the stream to platforms such as YouTube.

Elgato Game Capture HD60
The Elgato HD60 is the only card in this test that is capable of saving a copy of your stream with a higher bit rate while streaming.

Streaming and recording is made possible by the included Game Capture HD software. As soon as it's started it starts to record video in the background. For streaming purposes, Game Capture HD comes with a bunch of user-friendly overlays. You can switch between them very easily through the main menu.

Last but not least, Game Capture HD also has several other small, but interesting features. For example, it's possible to set a title, game and description for a recording. Editing the recording is also possible, however your options are very limited in that regard.

The CPU usage of the HD60S is is many times higher compared to the HD60. This large difference is caused by the built-in encoder on the HD60. This encoder is also the reason why the HD60 has the aforementioned Master Copy feature: thanks to this encoder the capture card is able to encode the same video simultaneously.

The Elgatos are the only devices in this test that are not capable of recording at 10 Mbps (of course streaming at 10 Mbps is possible). Instead we tested the minimum bit rate, and we didn't find anything out of the ordinary. There is no real difference between the two devices in terms of image quality.

In terms of pricing they're nearly identical, you'll pay about 160 pounds for both of the devices. This is on the more expensive side for a capture card: only two products in this test are more expensive than Elgatos cards.

Elgato Game Capture HD60 S
The Elgato HD60S features a USB Type-C connector.

Game Capture HD from Elgato gives you the option to easily use an overlay if you want to.

The settings that can be adjusted in Game Capture HD.

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