High static pressure case fans test: the best 120mm and 140mm fans for your radiator or CPU cooler

Which high static pressure fans should you buy?


Test results: static efficiency 120mm fans

We see that ,out of the fans with a diameter of 120mm, the static pressure fans do indeed perform very well. The Phanteks PH-F120 performs the best and achieves a score of 70% 'static efficiency'. This means that we measure 70% of the original airflow after the air has passed through a radiator.

What's more the Noctua NF-F12, Be quiet! Shadow Wings SW1 and Corsair Air SP120 do well. If a case fan isn't at the top of the chart, it is not necessarily not capable of being used with a radiator. A less efficient fan simply has to spin harder to generate the same amount of airflow as a more efficient fan. In short: you either have worse cooling, or higher noise levels.


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