Eight gaming chairs roundup review

Gaming like a king



After gaming keyboards, gaming mice and gaming monitors we also see more and more gaming chairs. We do not just mean models specifically meant to play racing games with, but also gaming chairs for behind a regular desk. We took a look at eight models to find out what those chairs have to offer and in what ways they differ from regular office chairs.

Gaming chairs have been available for a few years, but lately nearly every manufacturer seems to be adding a chair to their products. These might be becoming more popular because an increasing number of professional gamers and famous twitch-streamers are using them, a development that was of course started by useful sponsorships of manufacturers.

So-called gaming chairs are nearly always modelled after racing chairs as we know them from sports cars, although these are mounted to a height adjustable, mobile base. Conceptually these are simply office chairs, although embodied as some sort of adjustable racing chair. They are often available in unique, contrasting colours and may or may not come with ‘racing stripes’. With that, a gaming chair is not only a practical object for a lot of users, but like a case with a side-window and a keyboard with RGB-lighting part of the overall gaming-experience.

Gaming chairs are available in varying price ranges, starting at about 130 pounds / 150 euros which goes up to more than 433 pounds / 500 euros for the most luxurious models. We requested chairs from multiple known manufacturers, and received eight models that range in price from 164 pounds / 190 euros to 311 pounds / 360 euros.

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