Eight gaming chairs roundup review

Gaming like a king


Noblechairs Epic

The Noblechairs Epic is available in two variants, one version with real leather and the one we tested that has a faux leather cover. However, in comparison with the faux leather of the competition the Epic looks and feels a lot better. Noblechairs added thousands of small ventilation holes in the seat and backrest, which also adds to the comfort in a positive way. It is one of the wider models, with more adjustability than the competitors.

Noblechairs Epic Series Black

The build quality and finish of the Epic are excellent, better than that of other models in the test. Add to that that the chair has armrests that can be changed in four dimensions and that you can choose to tilt the entire chair back. Both the lumbar support as well as the headrest are height adjustable, while most competitors only allow you to adjust the lumbar support. The chair also has nearly no clearance and there is no danger of toppling. While the Noblechairs Epic is one of the more expensive models at 292 pounds / 339 euros, it is by far our favourite.

Noblechairs Epic Series Black

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