Eight gaming chairs roundup review

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Nitro Concepts E200 and E220

The two cheapest chairs in our test are from Nitro Concepts (not to be confused with the AKRacing Nitro). The chairs are called E200 Race and E220 Evo. Considering their resemblance we cover them both at once here. The Nitro Concepts E200 and E220 Evo are a lot simpler than the other models in the test, which explains their low price. For example: the chairs have a fixed backrest that is unable to tilt forward or backward. Furthermore, the armrests are mounted to the backrest, instead of to the seat as is usual with office chairs. The armrests are mounted to the back of the chair, and are not adjustable. While it might look good, this construction is the Achilles’ heel of the Nitro Concepts chairs. If you sit against the backrest the armrests move, which might be annoying when typing or gaming. 

Nitro Concepts E200 Race Black/Orange
Nitro Concepts E200

Aside from that we are pretty positive about both chairs. The E200 Race has an average price of 164 pounds / 190 euros and with that it is the cheapest model in this test. The version that we tested comes with black faux leather and orange accents. The seat and backrest have micro perforations that help drain perspiration. The seat is wide, which also goes for the backrest that might have a light curve, but also offers good comfort for people with wide shoulders. 

The E220 Evo is slightly more expensive than the E200 with an average price of 173 pounds / 200 euros, and is built on the same base. The most important difference between both chairs is in the used materials. The seat and backrest are primarily fabric instead of faux leather, which should offer more comfort in hot weather. In practice we did not notice any difference in comfort between both models. Both are stable and offer pleasant support for the (lower)back. The adjustability is, as stated before, very limited. The gas spring underneath the chair can of course be adjusted, and it is also possible to ‘pivot’ the entire chair including backrest back. All in all the Nitro Concepts chairs have their limitations, but are good models at their respective prices.

Nitro Concepts E220 Evo Black/Blue
Nitro Concepts E220

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