Eight gaming chairs roundup review

Gaming like a king


Arozzi Torretta

The Arozzi Torretta and the wider Torretta XL are quite different from other chairs in this segment. In contrast with most other gaming chairs they are not finished with (faux) leather, but are simply padded. This might look less fancy, but especially with hot weather it is clearly more comfortable, because it does not feel sticky as fast. Of course the downside is that it absorbs dirt and perspiration, which means that cleaning is more difficult when compared with a chair that has a smooth (faux) leather finish.

Arozzi Torretta Gaming Chair Black

The regular non-XL version of the Torretta was tested in the completely black version. The chair is also available in a combination of black with light blue, blue, green, grey, orange or red. At an average price of about 198 pounds / 230 euros it is one of the cheaper models in this test. The standard version we tested is rather spacious and while the backrest has giant ‘ears’ at both sides, these are not that forward-facing, meaning the chair feels spacious enough. The build quality is reasonable, but unfortunately the chair also has some clearance with the seat. There is not a lot of foam between the fabric and the frame. In terms of stability the chair scores well, the chance that it topples forward is small.

Arozzi Torretta Gaming Chair Black

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