Eight gaming chairs roundup review

Gaming like a king


Are gaming chairs (too) expensive?

Gaming chairs vary in price and as stated before we test models that cost between 164 pounds / 190 euros and 311 pounds / 360 euros. This might seem expensive, but a truly excellent office chair often costs the same or even (a lot) more. An Ikea Markus chair, often said to be the best affordable office chair, costs 146 pounds / 169 euros, but does not offer as much adjustability as most gaming chairs.

Expensive is a relative term, although the question remains how gaming chairs compare with regular office chairs in the same price range. After testing six chairs, our experience is that especially the cheaper models in this test are of dubious quality. The casters, used gas springs and the construction that connects the central pole with the seat are comparable with what you find with cheaper regular office chairs. With three of the eight tested models the chair clearly bends when you shift your weight from left to right on the seat, something that does not leave a good impression when it comes to the quality. The build quality and finish of the seat and backrests differs as well. With five of the six chairs these do not score higher than ‘reasonable’. Only the Noblechairs Epic truly shows that you are looking at a quality product. We do not want to say that any of the tested chairs are too expensive, but it is clear that for the same price you can purchase a regular office chair that more often than not will be a lot more robust.

At the time of writing, the Hardware.Info product database has over 200 gaming chairs, varying in price from about 155 pounds / 180 euros to more than 397 pounds / 460 euros.

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