Eight gaming chairs roundup review

Gaming like a king



Gaming chairs are a great addition to your gaming setup with their fancy design and colour schemes. However, they are still simply office chairs that have the advantage of having a higher backrest, allowing you to rest your head. Unfortunately the build quality of a lot of the tested chairs was disappointing to us, where mostly the stability of a lot of models is subpar. Bear in mind that the faux leather of most models does not ‘breathe’ that great, which means that the chairs can feel sticky in hot weather.

The only chair that we can truly recommend is the Noblechairs Epic. This chair has a great finish, is comfortable and stable. Despite the higher price it is the only model that we would recommend, and therefore it receives an Excellent Choice Award.

For this article we worked with Erik Saathof from the Stradon firm, physiotherapist specialized in ergonomics.

Noblechairs Epic

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