Total War Warhammer DirectX 12 review: 20 GPUs tested

Tested in Full HD, WQHD and Ultra HD



Both Warhammer and Total War are popular game series, however this isn't the only reason as to why the new game Total War: Warhammer is interesting. The game also has a DirectX 12 mode. In this review we test Warhammar with 20 GPUs in DirectX 12: the number of cards we tested is much lower than normal, since the DirectX 12 mode only supports graphics cards with at least DirectX feature level 12_0.

The Total War series has been seeing new releases every couple years since 2000. It's a series of turn-based strategy games that take place in a historic time period, such as the Roman Republic. the Middle Ages or early modern Japan. You primarily engage in the 'grand strategy': management of cities and placement of your armies. Secondarily you can also control the troops yourself, however you can also let the AI do this for you.

Warhammer is the first Total War game based on fantasy. Warhammer is a typical fantasy world with orcs, elves, dragons and all sorts of monsters, comparable to Westeros and the Forgotten Realms.

The game is developed by Creative Assembly, just like all other Total War games. The publisher is SEGA, which has been the case for over a decade now. Reactions on the game have been mostly positive. The score on Metacritic is 86, and the users rate the game a 7.3. The people on Steam are a little less enthusiastic about the game: 65% of the reviews are positive.

DirectX 12

Initially the game only supported DirectX 11, only the benchmark could be ran in DirectX 12. Now the game itself can also be ran in DirectX 12. It also turns out that the performance of the game has changed after a bunch of patches, which is why we repeated the tests in order to get a clear image of the performance you can expect right now.

Normally we test games with more than 20 GPUs, however the majority of these cards don't work in the DirectX 12 mode of Warhammer. The benchmark only runs in DirectX 12 mode and requires at least feature level 12_0. This means that all cards of the generation before GCN 1.0 and the second generation Maxwell cards cannot run this game in DirectX 12. This means that we can test all AMD cards, however all cards from Nvidia's Kepler generation and the GTX 750 (Ti) from Maxwell are not testable.


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