Samsung C24FG70 review: Samsung's gaming monitor comeback

Remarkable monitor convinces with its colour quality



For those of you that follow the monitor market – and this is truly worth doing – you have probably noticed that in the world of gaming monitors one brand has shone in its absence: Samsung. The observant reader will have noticed our use of the past tense and not without reason, because Samsung is back – and how. The C24FG70 is a statement in more than one regard and, according to the Korean manufacturer, this model is only the beginning of what should become convincing re-entry in the wonderful world of gaming monitors. We tested the model and were impressed. 

It might not be generally known, but Samsung was the first manufacturer that released a monitor with a 120Hz panel (in 2009!). The 2233RZ was one of the models that introduced Nvidia’s 3D Vision concept and after that Samsung also released other 120Hz models. In the meantime these belong to the past. 3D Vision died a silent death and Samsung target other market segments, although 120Hz and faster monitors continued to rise. This also goes for the ability to use the extra brightness, that is needed for this technique, for a ‘strobing’ or ‘scanning’ backlight. With it, motion blur caused by the sample-and-hold characteristic of lcd-monitors can be countered. Samsung took their time, but is finally back in the gaming monitor market – with a monitor that has both 144Hz as well as anti motion blur technology. 

Samsung C24FG70
Samsung C24FG70

This is of course big news. Up until this point the market for gaming monitors was controlled by brands such as Acer and Asus, that are not primarily monitor manufacturers, with the exception of the relatively small Benq which is a part of the panel giant AU Optronics. That said, gaming is a hot item at the moment, and the big ‘classic’ monitor manufacturers left this market despite their specialism. This is changing. Previously, AOC released their own gaming-series with the Agon, LG announced a 21:9 gaming-model and Samsung also announced their re-entry. Few brands hold better papers to quickly gain a lot of ground than this company, which has been a synonym for monitors for pc users for a long time. 

Despite that, the introduction of the new ‘curved’ CG70-series, as it is called officially, did not go entirely smoothly. The official introduction was at Gamescom and there were also models shown at IFA, but it took a while before production got started resulting in limited availability. Because of this, perhaps unintentionally, Samsung created a hype. Those who had already seen the monitors were more than a little interested in more information, not least in regards to the performance. Samsung does its own thing with these products, so some explanation is justified.


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Samsung C24FG70

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Samsung C27FG70

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