19 24-inch full hd monitors review: affordable view

Even with a limited budget you can purchase an excellent monitor



There is a lot to choose from in the monitor market, provided that you are willing to spend enough money. Not everyone is willing to do that, but even with a lower budget your eyes deserve a good image. We tested 19 affordable monitors in order to find the best for diverse purposes.

When you have about 426 pounds / 500 euros to 596 pounds / 700 euros available, you can really let yourself go when purchasing a new monitor. Ultra hd, ultra-wide, a multi monitor setup, high frequencies, G-sync: the sky is the limit. Fun, but not everyone has that much money available or is willing to spend that much. The centre of the market is still well below 168 pounds / 200 euros. At the moment you can purchase a 24-inch full hd model for that price; if you have less money to spend you will probably end up with a 22-inch full hd, but the price difference is small (and because of the higher pixel density those panels are relatively more expensive). We tested a number of different models.


The heading is in quotation marks, because for this test manufacturers sent us models with a diagonal from 23 up to 25 inch. Most monitors seem to have a 23.8 inch panel, but we find some 23.6, as well as 23, 23.5, 24.1 and 25 inch. For this test we received a single 23 inch model, the rest was 23.6 or 23.8 inch. That said, in practice the difference in size is barely noticeable.

All models in this test have a full hd-resolution, meaning 1920x1080 pixels in a 16:9-ratio. The pixel density at exactly 24 inch is 92 ppi, which goes nicely with standard 100% view of Windows-applications. At 23-inch this becomes 96 ppi, which also works great. At this combination of resolution and diagonal you do not need to worry about image scaling. 

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