250GB SSD review: 33 models compared

31 solid state disks of 250GB compared



If you want a fast drive without spending a lot, a 250GB SSD is an excellent choice nowadays. There is a lot to choose from in this affordable segment, with differing prices and performance levels. Therefore we compare 33 SSDs with this capacity in this article.

For a basic system you can use a 120GB SSD, although this is a little restricted. With a 250GB model you can store more data, while they are not all that expensive nowadays. Also, when upgrading a  laptop, a 250GB model is definitely justifiable. Even today there are quite a few new laptops without fast storage. While a 250GB drive loses a lot of storage compared with a 500 or 1000GB hard drive, chances are you gain more from (a lot) higher responsiveness and speed than you gain from the extra storage space.

Crucial MX300 275GB
A laptop with a hard drive definitely benefits from an upgrade to an SSD. Pictured is the efficient Crucial MX300, an SSD that has a friendly price tag, does not use a lot of power and has encryption-features.

Models with a capacity of 250GB turn out to be extremely popular according to our Price Comparison. Reason enough to test 33 models in this class, with prices differing from 66 pounds / 79 euros to 180 pounds / 215 euros. Although first we will cover some recent developments in the SSD-market, like the increasing popularity of 3D NAND, the stacking of memory cells.

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