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A MiFi router can be very useful, especially when you're on a holiday abroad. What are your options and which one should you buy? We tested five models in order to find the answer.

Everyone who has received a huge bill from their carrier after a holiday knows how expensive data can be abroad. In Europe the roaming prices have already become much lower than before - in fact, they'll be removed in 2017 - however, outside of Europe this isn't really the case. You can go many ways to keep costs relatively low. You could opt for a second - local - sim card inside of your dual-sim phone. This allows you to choose which sim card you use. Another possibility is investing in a MiFi router, a manageable device with both a modem and a wireless network interface and a battery. You can connect 10 to 15 devices simultaneously which will then all use the data connection set up by the router. It's basically a true router, as you will also have access to features like a firewall, DHCP server and NAT. It's also worth noting that it's not exactly clear what the abbreviation mifi stands for. It could be short for Mobile WiFi, My WiFi or it could simply have been chosen due to the fact that it's very similar to WiFi, technology that is also utilized by MiFi routers.

In order to get a good picture of what's available on the market, we tested five models, namely the D-Link DWR-932, Huawei E5786, Netgear AirCard 790, TP-Link M7350 and the Zyxel WAH7706.

TP-Link M7350

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