Dash cam test: eyes on the road

Five dash cams compared



Nearly nobody drives without a dash cam in Russia and it is up and coming in the Netherlands as well. A small device behind the windscreen that registers everything that happens, which can be quite useful after a collision. We test five models, varying in price from 64 pounds / 75 euros to 137 pounds / 160 euros.

In the Netherlands we usually are pretty civilized, even after a collision we mostly succeed in filling out the insurance papers together. Not everyone is always reasonable when it comes to admitting their guilt and it can definitely happen that the other party disagrees with your point of view. Having a dash cam in your car can help in preventing a debate, as camera images do not lie and can help support your version of the story. In practice, insurance companies like to receive dash cam images and use these as supportive evidence after a collision.


Extra functions

That said, dash cams can do more than offer evidence in case of a collision. For example, there are models than can continuously analyze the recorded image and warn you when you leave the road on accident or when the car in front of you is getting closer too fast. This uses the white stripes on the road and the relative distance of the cars in front. Some models even warn for speed cameras and section controls and can help prevent tickets, although there are better solutions to prevent this. Aside from that you can also share the images of a dash cam with others, for example when you come across something special on the road.

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