Dash cam test: eyes on the road

Five dash cams compared


ASUS Reco Classic

The Asus Reco Classic has been available for some time and costs about 121 pounds / 140 euros. Just like the Gembird model it has an external GPS receiver that is part of the suction cup. The camera is relatively long vertically speaking, meaning it will stick out from under the inside mirror. It is not the most convenient form factor in our opinion. The Reco Classic has a solid feature set. The device has a G-sensor and can warn you if you leave the driving lane or are driving too close to the car in front. As mentioned before the benefit of these functions is limited in our opinion, mainly because they do not work impeccable.

The Reco Classic can record at a maximum of 1080p with 30 frames per second and uses an MOV container and MPEG4 AVC compression at a bit rate of 14 Mbps. This results in good image quality. The device has a very wide viewing angle with the standard setting. This means that the camera sees a lot but everything is relatively small, which for example might make it difficult to read license plates. That said, you can change the viewing angle using the user-friendly menu which results in a more ‘zoomed in’ image. We are happy with the image quality of the Asus Reco Classic. The camera does not have any problems with big contrast differences and it performs very reasonable in the dark.

ASUS Reco Classic

ASUS Reco Classic
The ASUS Reco Classic costs about 121 pounds / 140 euros and performs well, but is rather big in terms of size.


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