Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 3 review: smaller and more flexible

Micro ATX version builds upon concept of bigger brother



Cooler Master introduced a new product line with the MasterCase 5 last year, this year they're adding the MasterCase 3 series to the line. These micro ATX variants are in essence based on the same concept, however they do offer some refinements and improvements compared to the first ATX variants. We've taken an extensive look at the MasterCase Pro 3 for this review and of course we also tested its cooling capabilities and the noise levels.

The concept behind the MasterCase line should be fairly familiar by now: cases with a high degree of modularity, Cooler Master's proprietary FreeForm mounting system plays an important part here. Hard drive cages, case fans and water cooling elements can be mounted on this system.

Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 3

The MasterCase 3 models are the micro ATX counterparts of the ATX family in the 5-line. They're identical at first sight and also available in three variants: 'basic' (MasterCase 3), 'airflow' (MasterCase Pro 3) and 'deluxe' (MasterCase Maker 3). At the time of writing only the MasterCase Pro 3 is available, only time will tell when the other two variants will be released.

The MasterCase Pro 3 is available at the time of writing for about 75 pounds if you get a good deal, otherwise you pay about ten pounds more. The pricing indicates that this case is fairly luxurious for a micro ATX case. However it's still significantly cheaper than its ATX counterpart.

In the comparison

Before we discuss the MasterCase 3 any further we'll compare its capacity to that of the other cases in this comparison, like always. You can immediately see that the MasterCase Pro 3 is quite large for a micro ATX case. We're comparing the MasterCase Pro 3 against other more expensive models, however since there are relatively few luxurious micro ATX cases we've also included some cheaper models. In any case, the MasterCase Pro 3 has positively distinguished itself in this category.

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