22 6-10TB hard drives review: one drive, a lot of storage

22 large hard drives compared



While the price of SSDs continues to drop, the ‘old’ hard drive is still the cheapest way to store a lot of data. Especially in a NAS or Mini-ITX system, where there is limited physical space you probably want a drive with as much capacity as possible. In this article we take a look at 22 models with a capacity between 6 and 10 TB.

The underlying technology of hard drives might be decennia old, for large-scale data storage a hard drive is still the best choice. Although the price per gigabyte of hard drives has not dropped a lot for some time now, while SSDs do see a steady decline in their price, the price per gigabyte of hard drives is still about ten times lower than that of SSDs. While hard drives are a lot slower, this is not as important for drives that are used for data storage when compared to boot drives. SSDs also have limited rewrite ability, making them less attractive for downloaders.

Toshiba X300 6TB
The Toshiba drives in this test have a solid price per gigabyte ratio, but their noise levels are quite high.

In this test we only look at the hard drives with high storage capacity. Usually this means you pay a premium, because the sweet spot in terms of price per gigabyte for hard drives is between 3 and 4 TB. Even so, there are enough reasons to choose the models with higher capacity. In a NAS you can only use so many hard drives, unless you buy a more expensive device with more bays. Mini-ITX cases also do not hold a lot of space for drives, meaning more capacity per drive is a must if you want a lot of storage capacity in such a system.

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