15 UWQHD monitors review: wide view

Lots of choice for those looking for a 3440x1440 display



Even though 4K displays are becoming cheaper and cheaper, we see a growing number of UWQHD monitors in the market. Despite their high price users that need a lot of workspace seem to like them a lot. We tested 15 various models.

Not very long ago we published our first comparison test of monitors with a resolution of 3440x1440 pixels. These displays are impressive because of multiple reasons, not in the least be cause of their screen diagonal: 34 inch. In practice the monitors aren't as large as you'd expect, since they take up a lot of space horizontally. They're not as tall as 'classic' 16:9 32 inch models.

The resolution of the displays is also quite imposing, since UWQHD offers significantly more workspace than not only full HD, but also more than 2560x1440 or WQHD - about 40% more. UWQHD, just shy of 5 million pixels, offers about 2.5 times as much workspace as a full HD monitor. This makes it an interesting alternative to the usage of dual monitors, the main advantage being that you won't have bezels in between the parts of the display.

Meanwhile the pixel density is comparable to WQHD's, about 110 ppi, which isn't high enough to make text unreadable without image scaling. This tends to be a problem with Ultra HD displays. This means you'll be able to utilize the entire surface of your display. For many applications the extra workspace is very useful, from wordprocessing and DTP (four full A4 pages next to each other) to photo and image processing and CAD/CAM. Multitasking with multiple windows is also really pleasant on a display like this.

We've discussed 8 different monitors with a diagonal of 34 inch, 43:18 aspect ratio and 3440x1440 pixels. In the meantime we've tested 15 models that are still readily available, including the 8 models we tested before (some of those might not be as readily available as the newer models). In this article we'll shortly discuss the new models. If you want to our thoughts on the older models check out our earlier review.

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