11 PC-speakersets review: cacophonous or melodious?

Cheap and good do not go together anymore



The market for pc-speakers is a sad affair anno 2016. With most brands the focus seems to be the price, but it is clear that it is difficult to build a proper speakerset for less than 85 pounds / 100 euros. In fact, we should not recommend any of the cheaper sets. If you really do not want to spend more than 42 pounds / 50 euros, the Logitech Z333 is an option. However, it does not receive an award. The Creative T3250 does receive one. On average it only costs about 17 pounds / 20 euros more, but if you look around a bit you can find it for less than 50 pounds / 60 euros. The main downside is the small sound image, but a Great Value Award is definitely earned here.

For about 85 pounds / 100 euros you can buy the Edifier Studio R1280T, an excellent 2.0 set, that is a good choice for most purposes and genres: literally an Excellent Choice Award. The Creative T30W is a bit more expensive, but with Bluetooth Apt-X also a bit more versatile, and it offers more powerful lows. Therefore it also receives an Excellent Choice Award. Last up, the Edifier C3X. This set is in a different class, and for music not our favorite, but for games it is without a doubt the best set in this test. For this reason the C3X also receives an Excellent Choice Award.

Creative T30 Wireless
Edifier R1280T
Edifier C3X

Creative T3250W

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