11 PC-speakersets review: cacophonous or melodious?

Cheap and good do not go together anymore


About {c:gb}59 pounds / 70 euros{/c:gb}{c:us}79 dollars{/c:us}: Creative vs Edifier

If you have a little bit more money available, the Creative T3250W and the Edifier M3200 are direct competitors. Both 2.1 sets cost a little bit less than 59 pounds / 70 euros. The T3250W can be found for a bit more than 48 pounds / 57 euros, while the M3200 is available for a bit more than 50 pounds / 60 euros. The T3250W stands out because of the Bluetooth support (albeit with a simple SBC codec), the M3200 has separate tweeters and mid-range drivers in the satellites as well as a special design. The M3200 also has an aux-input, that is absent on the T3250W. In terms of weight and measurements that set is a lot more modest. With the Creative set both satellites are attached to a cable, making for limited placement options.

Edifier M3200 Black
Edifier M3200

The Edifier M3200 might be better in terms of characteristics, in practice the set disappointed us. We miss lots of the midtones with the tweeters. The subwoofer on the other hand lets through too much. Vocals alternately sound hollow and shrill. It is primarily the sub that is failing. The percussion of Nightrain does not give a good impression and with a trance song by Armin van Buren it starts to bang. If it has to go really low, it fails entirely. This means it is definitely not recommended for gaming either.

Creative T3250W
Creative T3250W

The set from Creative offers a better balance. We do have to mention that the T3250W offers the least in terms of volume out of all the models in the test. As long as you sit right front of it it sounds surprisingly good, but room-filling sound is just not there. We also miss the mid here, but the balance is better. The bass is controller well and goes pretty low, voices are well defined. Of the two, this is the one that we prefer.


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