11 PC-speakersets review: cacophonous or melodious?

Cheap and good do not go together anymore



To review the speakers we have subjected them to a prolonged listening test. We also compared the models with each other, but also use our 10 years of experience with these products in quite varied price ranges. The listening test consisted of a great amount of songs, which we played from Spotify (the premium version, meaning a higher bitrate) streamed through a receiver, which was connected to a series of audio switches to which the speakers were connected. That way we could switch swiftly between the different sets and criticize the diverse passages.

The songs we listened to fall into 5 genres: pop, rock, rap/hiphop, trance and classical music. For every genre we used two songs as a reference, from which certain parts were constantly repeated to see how the speakers performed. This way we got a clear view of the extent of detailing, the parting of the instruments and the displayed frequency. Overall we were able to review the spaciousness and placing of the instruments.

Aside from that we have also tested the sets on the suitability for games and films for which a proper bass and respectively the display of voices are of importance. Lastly, we also looked if there was any distortion during higher volumes. The higher the volume without any distortion, the better the review. Sets that already demonstrated distortion during normal listening volume (for this test we put approximately 75 dB on all sets by using a decibel meter) were marked as a fail.

Due to the fact that the speakers in this test differ quite a lot when it comes to their price, we divided them in 4 segments: somewhere around 42 pounds / 50 euros, around 59 pounds / 70 euros, 67 pounds / 80 euros up to 85 pounds / 100 euros and above 85 pounds / 100 euros.

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