11 PC-speakersets review: cacophonous or melodious?

Cheap and good do not go together anymore


Cost down

This term was mentioned before on the last page with Logitech, but this brand is certainly not the only one who is trying to save costs with the construction of the pc-speakers. This cannot be avoided, because you still pay exactly the same for a set of pc-speakers as, for example, a set of pc-speakers from 10 years ago. If there is no correction on the inflation or the infelicitous euro-dollar exchange rate, not to mention the oil price (admittedly low at the moment, but has been high for a long time) or the decreasing rather than increasing scale of production, there is no other option but to cut back on the product. In other words: a speakerset from 10 year ago that cost 42 pounds / 50 euros, should now approximately cost about 59 pounds / 70 euros to 68 pounds / 80 euros. This means that what you buy now for 42 pounds / 50 euros is a whole different story in terms of quality.

We can see this in the test, definitely with the cheaper models, but also with the more expensive ones. The speakers that you buy now for $ 55,85 / 42,30 pounds are incomparable to the ones you bought in 2006 for the same price. The same goes for the sets that cost twice as much. The quality of the plastic is noticeably worse: thinner and cheaper. This is also apparent in the weight of the sets, the used drivers and the connectivity. Moreover you can hear it in the quality of the reproduction.

As we have said before: speaker technology is not subject to the law of Moore. To make a good speaker, good materials are key. Considering the price range and the consideration we just made, we expected not all of the sets to be convincing, as it turned out to be the case.

The fact that manufacturers try to deceive their customers was quite remarkable. With two models, the Logitech Z333 and the Trust Byron, we noticed ‘fake-tweeters’: if you look at the outside of the speakers you see that they are twoway models with a separate tweeter and mid-range driver annex woofer, but internally there is only one conus present.

Logitech Z333
Even up close it looks like a real tweeter, but it evidently is not one.

Trust makes it even worse with the Byron, because there is a metal block in the satellites that has no function other than adding weight. After all, a heavier speaker will surely come across as more solid.

Trust Byron
Not only a fake-tweeter, but also a fake impression of quality by screwing a piece of metal into the case (left).

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