Toshiba TransMemory EX II 128GB USB-flashdrive review: affordable and fast

Comparison to 42 other 32+ GB USB flash drives



In May, we published an extensive review of 42 USB 3.0 memory sticks with a capacity of 32 GB or more (Dutch). Toshiba could not provide us with test products at the time, but did later send their TransMemory EX II 128 GB USB flash drive. We have tested it extensively.

 Toshiba TransMemory EX II 128GB Silver

The Transmemory EX II memory sticks are available in 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB versions and feature a USB 3.0 interface. Toshiba claims a maximum reading speed of 220 MB/s for all three models. The writing speed differs per model: the 32GB model is specificated to write at 130 MB/s, the 64GB and 128GB versions are claimed to write at 205 MB/s. 

The USB stick is measured to be 69x21x10 mm. The black/silver color scheme and the casing, partly made out of metal, give it a slick appearance. It has a removable cap, which can luckily be placed on the back of the stick, as to not lose it.  

Toshiba TransMemory EX II 128GB Silver

The 128 GB model we tested is priced at an average of 103 euros/81 pounds, so this converts to 0.8 euros/0.6 pounds per GB. This is certainly not cheap, but compared to the fastest sticks from the aforementioned comparison test still relatively attractive. The question is then of course if the Toshiba can match the performance of products like the Sandisk Extreme Pro or Corsair Vengeance GTX.

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Toshiba TransMemory EX II 128GB Silver

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