16 DVD- en Blu-ray-burners tested: not yet burned out

16 optical drives compared



We rarely need them these days, but not having them at all is also impractical. Of course we are talking about optical drives. If you happen to buy one, you might as well take the best one available. This is why we decided to test a large amount of DVD- and Blu-ray-burners again after a long time.

The times when dozens of empty CDs and DVDs were purchased at the same time and people burned discs all the time are far behind us. Years ago cheap and large external drives and NASes have made optical drives obsolete as a back-up medium. These days sharing files with friends and family is done through an USB stick or an online service such as WeTransfer, (illegal) films are downloaded or even streamed and games and other software are also primarily available online and rarely on a shiny disc. Why would you still want an optical drive in your PC then?


That is a fair question. There is a reason why optical drives are used less and less in systems. Of course you will never find them in tablets, laptops feature them less and less, and in the world of desktops we can see a decline of DVD-burners, if the case offers room for one. More and more cases without room for an optical drives are released. Has the curtain finally fallen for this product group?

It is a bit too soon to assume that. The fact that you rarely need an optical drive, does not mean that you will never need it. There are enough thinkable reasons why you would need to read or write a CD, DVD of maybe even a Blu-ray disc at least a few times a year. The market seems to confirm this, since a significant amount of optical drives is still being sold.

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