Corsair Void review: Stereo, USB and Wireless

Three times the same base, different implementation.



Corsair has been active for a while now in the field of gaming peripherals and has already been very successful mostly with their keyboards. The same can't be said for their headset, but Corsair would not be Corsair if they gave up. On the contrary, recently Corsair introduced their Void headsets, in no less than four different versions. We received three of them to test.

The first thing that strikes the eye when looking at the Void headsets, is that they all use the same base design. The simplest 'Stereo' version has the same drivers, headband and finish as the most luxurious 'Wireless SE' model. Corsair brags about the construction of the headsets, and we can already tell you that it's justified. There's nothing wrong with the design of these headsets. The Void Stereo is already available for 60 pounds - not very cheap, but definitely not very expensive in comparison to what's common in the headphone market. You get the same quality as with the wireless Void Wireless, which is about 30 pounds more expensive.

Corsair Gaming Void Wireless RGB Dolby 7.1 Carbon
Corsair Void Wireless

Corsair also offers the Void Wireless SE, which we didn't receive - the only difference from the 'normal' wireless model is the color, since the SE comes with a yellow finish. It also comes with a 'dock' for the USB adapter, which is really just an extension cable with a stand.

Corsair Gaming Void Stereo Carbon
Corsair Void Stereo

90 pounds is not very expensive for a wireless headset, but it's still 50% more than the entry-model. If you get the same sound quality from the latter, it would be an interesting approach by Corsair. Apart from that we were also very interested how the new headset line would perform in practice. Time for a test!

Corsair Gaming Void USB RGB Dolby 7.1 Carbon
Corsair Void USB

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