Z170 motherboards of approximately 110 pounds/135 dollars review

Which mid-range motherboard offers the best bang for the buck?



People who want a lot of bang for their buck when purchasing a new motherboard should be looking at boards with a price of tag of around 110 pounds. We'd classify motherboards in the price class as 'mid-range', since they offer all functionality the average user will need for a decent price. In this review we're comparing products of four different manufacturers.

We've already reviewed the ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming and the Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming 3, which both received a Great Value award. The MSI Z170A Gaming Pro and the ASRock Z170 Extreme4 are also found in the same price class. They all cost about 110 pounds and sometimes even less than that if you strike a good deal.

  • ASRock Z170 Extreme4
  • ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming
  • Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming 3
  • MSI Z170A Gaming Pro

FLTR.: ASRock Z170 Extreme4, ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming, Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming 3 en MSI Z170A Pro Gaming

These motherboards don't have many extras and also have a fairly standard design. We do find all of the new functionality you can expect from motherboards of the Skylake generation: USB 3.1, M.2, good audiochips and network controllers. Which of these motherboards offers the best bang for the back? We're going to answer that question in this review.

Motherboard Chipset Memory type Form factor Avg. price
ASRock Z170 Extreme4 Intel Z170 DDR4 ATX £105
ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Intel Z170 DDR4 ATX £115
Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming 3 Intel Z170 DDR4 ATX £110
MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Intel Z170 DDR4 ATX £115

We're not going to reiterate on the features of the Intel Z170 chipset in this review, since the chipset has been out for quite some time now.


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