21x 22-inch monitors review: smaller does not equal worse

Even on 'small' size there is plenty to choose



Recently we have paid a lot of attention to Ultra HD  and 34-inch ultra-wide monitors. However sometimes you have to think small. In this article we do exactly that: a big test consisting of 21 monitors with a diagonal of 22-inch.

These monitors, without exceptions, have a 21.5 inch panel but are almost exclusively sold as 22 inch. Because of this we will be talking about 22-inch monitors, even though some are ‘only’ 21.5 inch and some manufacturers are more precise than others.

Monitors with this size find themselves in a rather curious position. Nowadays 22-inch monitors find themselves to be the smallest ones available. However panels with this diagonal almost always have a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, in other words: full HD. This means a higher pixel density (102 ppi) than bigger models with the same amount of pixels. This means that the panels are relatively expensive to make when compared to older 22-inch monitors or larger versions with the same pixel density. This means the price of a 22-inch model does not differ all that much when compared to a 23 or 24-inch model. We would advise to look in that segment: there is more choice for a comparable price and often you get more functionality or better image quality.

Even so there are plenty of reasons to shop for a 22-inch model. The space required being the first one that comes to mind. These monitors can also be used in a multi-monitor setup. There are plenty of setups available that can support three monitors. Last but not least price does play a small part. Especially when you need something ‘special,’ like a business monitor with above average construction quality, or a touchscreen, you will find that a 22-inch model is cheaper than larger ones. And, according to our test, for a small price you can buy a very nice monitor.

Click on the image for a comparison table that includes all the tested models.

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