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A touch screen on a router might sound a bit weird when you hear it for the first time, but after testing the TP-Link Touch P5 we're convinced it does have an added value. First of all it provides an extremely simple installation process. We can't think of a router that has a process this simple. Once the router has been installed the screen retains it's usefulness, even if it's only a helping hand when troubleshooting. You can also turn on/off your guest network easily, apply parental controls, set up or change your qos and lastly get an overview of all connected devices. All of this without the need of a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

TP-Link Touch P5


The big question is of course whether you're going to position the router in a way where you can access the touch screen without any difficulties. As far as we know, most people like to hide away their router a little. If you like at it from the bright side, the Touch P5 is a good reason to take out your router from your meter cupboard, where it actually does not belong.

Performance-wise the Touch P5 generally does well, without standing out much. The only test that concerned us a little were the real-world test through the ceiling, especially the one at 2.4 GHz. As we are used to seeing from TP-Link we get enough settings: all conventional settings are present, without all of the overly excessive ones we tend to see from some competitors.

TP-Link Touch P5

If we look at the big picture of this router, we quite like it. With a price of 135 pounds it definitely is an affordable AC1900 model. We definitely feel like it deservers an Innovation Award. However we not only find the Touch P5 an innovative product, but we'd also recommend it in general. Therefore in the end we chose to award the Hardware.Info Excellent Choice Award to the Touch P5.

TP-Link Touch P5

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TP-Link Touch P5

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