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Prowise is a Dutch company specializing in developing educational solutions. The Prowise Presenter software is being used in a great number of classrooms, mostly combined with touchscreens and tablets which the company develops itself, while outsourcing the production to China. Earlier, we looked at the tablet of this company, this time we will discuss the All-in-One PC which they introduced recently.

Prowise's Presenter software is completely optimized for touchscreen use and thus it's logical that the company offers compatible large-size touchscreens and tablets which have to function optimally with this software. Now, there is also an All-in-One PC in the range of products, of course with touch.

This computer, just called "All-in One", is available in a model especially for schools, with the Shape The Future version of Windows pre-installed on it, a Windows version which Microsoft offers for educational goals with an attractive licensing fee. It is however also available with the 'Bing' Windows edition, which costs a bit more, but can be applied universally. At the time of testing, Windows 8.1 Pro was installed, but Prowise let us know that Windows 10 is naturally also available.

Prowise admits that they haven't developed this All-in-One themselves, but rather used an OEM-version of a Lenovo product, chosen because of the known and proven quality of this brand. However, the device, which is also being sold by Lenovo as the Horizon 2e, has been outfitted with other parts and a special Prowise-adjusted BIOS with more extensive possibilities for system admins such as PXE support.

The MSRP is 640,09 euros/466,08 pounds for the version with StF license, which is very good bang for your buck, as you will read in this review.

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Prowise All in One Touch PC

All-in-One, Intel Pentium 3805U, 4 GB, Intel HD Graphics, 500 GB, 23 inch, Microsoft Windows 8.1

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