17 CPU water coolers test: better than air cooling?

Chilling on the water



Ready made watercooling sets have become increasingly more popular in the past few years, at least as much with manufacturers as they have with consumers. They're seemingly quite similar, but there are definitely differences, as our test on 17 of them proves.

Especially in high-end PCs with for example a Socket 2011 (v3) processor we see that in our Hardware.Info User Systems more and more people opt to go for a watercooler instead of air cooling. The reliability of the ready made watercooling sets has proven itself over the past few years and the kits have an image of having better coolingperformance than (luxurious) CPU-coolers. That's however a statement that does require some nuance, as we'll see later on. The immense popularity of watercoolers is also demonstrated by the fac that Corsair, which only sells watercoolers, is the leader in CPU-coolers in the Dutch Hardware.Info User Systems list.

Thanks to the rising popularity of watercooling the amount of brands in this market increases as well. The actual amount of manufacturers however is still quite limited as most products on offer are still manufactured by Asetek.

Corsair Hydro Series H100i

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