Eight Ultra HD (4K) monitors review

Lots of pixels



We've been waiting for resolutions higher than Full-HD for a long time now but it's finally here. 2014 was the year of Ultra HD, not just for televisions but also on you're desk. Hardware.info has tested eight different UHD-monitors so far and in the next few pages will show our findings and opinions on them. 

Processors and graphics cards get faster every year, memory becomes cheaper and comes in larger capacities and storage wise we have the choice of either super fast and ever more affordable solid state storage or hard disks up to 6 TB. Monitors however have mainly only gotten cheaper. The last few years we have seen the rise of affordable IPS or VA-based models which offer superior colour reproduction and viewing angles. At the same time TN-based monitors are being sold for next to nothing. Only people with a bunch of extra cash could afford to invest in a WQHD monitor with 2560x1440 pixels which is only available on a 27 inch panel. This meant that for a long time there wasn't a whole lot of choice if you were looking for a new monitor. 

This will all change now, there are a lot of new and exciting innovations happening when it comes to monitors. We now have other WQHD-panels in different sizes, there are several new monitors with a 21:9 aspect ratios (mainly thanks to LG Display) and most of all we are going to see many new Ultra-HD monitors in all different panel sizes. In this article we will discuss some of these new 4K screens. 

Samsung U28D590D

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