Zyxel PLA5206 review: 1000 Mbps power-line

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Not long ago, we saw that 600Mbps adapters clearly improve upon those from the previous generations. The first set of 1000Mbps adapters recently made its way to our test lab, in the shape of Zyxel's PLA5206. How well do these perform?

The test results we observed during our comparison of 600Mbps adapters speak for themselves. Despite the fact that the name suggests but a small upgrade, 600Mbps adapters are a substantial improvement over 500Mbps ones. The difference becomes especially clear as soon as you introduce interference/noise to the network. Zyxel was the first to send us an adapter kit featuring a PHY-rate of 1000 Mbps. We naturally began testing these as soon as we could.

ZyXEL PLA5206 2-pack


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1000 Mbit/s


ZyXEL PLA5206 2-pack

Two adapter kit, Broadcom BCM60335, 1000 Mbit/s

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