16 1000-1250 watt power supplies tested

Power supplies for when two GPU's just won't do



If you are going to run three or even four graphics cards then you will have to invest into a power supply of 1000 watts or more. Hardware.info tested 16 models between 1000 and 1250 watts.


With hardware getting more and more efficient and the reduced popularity of 3 and 4-way SLI/ Crossfire it seemed like power supply of more than 1000 watt were going to be redundant. Recently however the demand for these kind of power supplies has sky rocketed again and this is not just due to the few spoiled gamers with new 4K displays and the necessary multi GPU rigs to run at that resolution. The main reason is the ever increasing mining hype. Especially in America and Scandinavia customers are lining up to buy high end video cards and power supplies for this purpose, at least if we are to believe the manufacturers. This review comes at the perfect time then, perhaps the timing is even a little too good, several manufacturers told us they couldn't be part of this test simply because all their 1000+ watt power supplies are sold out all over the world. Luckily most of the major brands still managed to send us a sample and we managed to test 16 different models. 


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