[Pro] Eight 19-inch 4-bay rack NAS review: Rack storage

Business NAS Battle



The fact that NAS devices are interesting products does not only hold true for consumers; businesses especially can also make good use of these devices. Easy to install, and featuring a large amount of functionality. Whether you are looking for an easy addition of some extra storage which you can connect to your servers or virtualized environment using ISCSI, or looking for an all-in-one solution as a small business: with these devices you've come to the right place. Technically speaking, they (obviously) look a lot like their desktop counterparts, but because they can be mounted in a 19-inch rack, they are better suited for a business environment. Although naturally, there also are Hardware.Info readers who have such a rack at home.

NAS devices are slowly but surely evolving into a new type of device. Whereas they previously were true storage solutions, nowadays they are becoming more functional, app-driven products, much like telephones and tablets. This could be especially interesting in a (smaller) business environment, as you can add a machine which can handle a specific set of tasks for you in an instant. For example, some devices allow you to create your own Dropbox-like environment, to host a Wordpress-site, or even to run a complete CRM system.

The options and capabilities are so extensive that it would be almost impossible to describe everything. On the other hand, while having a complete, well balanced tool box is a useful thing to have, you may not necessarily use everything contained in the box on a daily basis. You should look at these devices in a similar way. You might need all of this functionality, but on the other hand, they are and will always be clever storage boxes which can also be an excellent addition in that regard without all of those extra frills.

For this test, we were able to collect a nice range of eight different models. Although all eight models have the ability to harbour four disks, they are still quite different from one another.

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