Zotac Zbox EI750 Plus review: Square powerhouse

Core i7 4770R with Iris Pro 5200



The Intel Core i7-4770R is one of the first processors which really excited us when it comes to its integrated graphical processor. Zotac has now incorporated this clever quad-core processor into their latest mini, the Zbox EI750 Plus.

A square, flat case with a width and depth of nearly 19 x 19 cm, and a height of almost five centimetres. The design is similar to models Zotac has released previously. The style is unique, and cannot really be compared with the Gigabyte Brix and the Intel NUC. It is mostly black, with the yellow DVI port on the back giving it a frivolous touch. We observed that the plastic at the top and the bottom of the case does not feel particularly sturdy, but given the fact that no technology is located here, it should cause no harm.

In this review, we will take a look at the Zbox EI750 Plus, the version that comes with everything installed, apart from the operating system. Aside from this version, Zotac also offers the Zbox EI750, a barebone variant which requires you to install a hard disk or SDD and memory yourself.

Zotac Zbox EI750-P-BE

You can put this small case almost anywhere in your home. You can place it on the back of your television or monitor thanks to the included VESA mount. You can place it on your desktop without it taking up much space, you can put it in your television cabinet, or you could even place it next to the router in your meter cupboard, although you won't need the powerful integrated graphics in this scenario. It's a flexible little thing.

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