30 750-850 watt power supplies review

The best power supply for an enthusiast system



Power supplies with 750 to 850 watt are very popular among enthusiasts with serious gaming rigs. We tested and compared 30 different models.

If you are configuring a gaming pc with a powerful graphics card you will most likely be choosing a power supply of 750 to 850 watts. Our test system consists of a Core i7 3960X, a X79 motherboard and a single SSD, paired with a high end graphics card it will draw around 305 to 400 watt on average. Obviously a socket 1150 based system will use less, but especially if you start over clocking you can easily use another 100 watts. Considering that power supplies are the most efficient when operating between 50 and 70 percent of their maximum wattage a 750 watt power supply is a good choice for a gaming rig. With a 850 watt model you could start looking at adding a second graphics card. Another thing to consider is that the fan inside a power supply will start to spin faster as you are drawing more watts from it, thus creating more noise. 

The amount of power supplies you can choose from in this segment is massive. We asked several large brands to sent us their latest models and together with some previously tested models we have a total of 30 different models for this test. 

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