Celluon Epic and EvoMouse review: virtual keyboard and touchpad

Virtual keyboards are getting better, now with virtual touchpad



Last year we tested a special little keyboard, the Celluon Magic Cube. It was a little device that could project a full-sized keyboard onto any opaque surface. A red laser created the virtual keyboard and IR was used for detecting each keystroke. We recently had the opportunity to test its successor, along with a touchpad mouse controller from the same company. Here is our review of the Celluon Epic and the EvoMouse.

For an in-depth description on how these virtual keyboards work, please refer to this earlier article. Their main advantage is how little space they take up, making them perfect for on the road.

Celluon Epic Laser Keyboard QwertyCelluon EvoMouse
Celluon Epic left, EvoMouse right

Like the Magic Cube, the Celluon Epic works both via Bluetooth and USB. The EvoMouse requires a USB cable. They're not cheap products, with the Epic priced €143.99 (£119) and the EvoMouse €107.69 (£89). The Magic Cube costs around £107.

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Celluon Epic Laser Keyboard Qwerty

Laser keyboard, Wireless


Celluon EvoMouse



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