Phanteks Enthoo Primo review: excellent first effort

Outstanding first tower chassis from Phanteks



Phanteks, a manufacturer of case fans and CPU coolers, has designed its first desktop PC chassis, called the Enthoo Primo. It distinguishes itself not only by a modern and unique design but also boasts a number of interesting innovations. Our readers were immediately enthusiastic about the enclosure and nominated it for the Hardware.Info Awards. Of course we had to take a closer look, so today you can read our review of the Enthoo Primo.

We mentioned before that, for building your own PC, the segment of enclosures between £80 and £120 is the biggest one. You can find some nice cases between £60-£80 if you're willing to make concessions in terms of finish and installation features. Once you exceed £120 the choice is much more limited, since in this day and age not as many people build their own desktop system. Nevertheless, there still is an audience for that segment, apparently significant enough for new players to enter the fray.

The most recent example of this is probably Corsair, that after introducing the Obsidian 800D in 2009 evolved into a manufacturer of significance in a relatively short amount of time. Bitfenix is a also a relatively new name that managed to make a positive impression with the Colossus (and even more so with the XL). Nanoxia recently launched a number of Deep Silence chassis in addition to its traditional products. Phantek now appears to take a similar road with its Enthoo Primo.

Like Nanoxia, Phantek has invested in both innovations and design by using quality materials for a design that exudes quality. It's not a very affordable chassis with an average price of £190 / €226, but as the name indicates, this is for the hardware enthusiast that wants something special for their high-end system.

Phanteks Enthoo Primo Black

In comparison

While there is less choice than at lower price points, we do have some comparison material. Below you can see the volume of the chassis we are comparing to the Enthoo, based on the external dimensions. It's clear that the Phanteks Enthoo Primo is large.

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Phanteks Enthoo Primo Black

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