Phanteks Enthoo Primo review: excellent first effort

Outstanding first tower chassis from Phanteks


Test results cooling 400 watts

The second set of the four tests is done with a heat production of 400 watts. Now it's much more challenging for a chassis to get rid of the heat fast enough.

400 W 12 V

With fans on high and twice the amount of heat, the Phanteks Enthoo Primo does excellent and takes second place. Only the more expensive and larger Enermax Fulmo GT does a little better. There are some other chassis that do even better with fans at full speed, but they get very loud, especially the top 3. The Phanteks Enthoo Primo also doesn't stay quiet, but it's not as bad as those.

400 W 7 V

With fans on low the temperature gets a little higher, so more cooler is required, or liquid cooling. This is true for all chassis at this price point that tend to have a lot of air that needs to be displaced. Considering how many fan positioned the Enthoo Primo has, that should not be a problem for this enclosure.

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