Phanteks Enthoo Primo review: excellent first effort

Outstanding first tower chassis from Phanteks



The Phanteks Enthoo Primo has a lot of cooling potential right out of the box. Phanteks includes five 14 cm fans, and these aren't cheap no-name ones either. The PH-F140SP fans cost more than 15 euros apiece when you buy them separately. Two of them, the ones in front, have been equipped with LEDs. You can replace those two with a 240mm radiator.

Phanteks Enthoo Primo Black

There's a 140 mm fan in the rear and also on the bottom, where large dust filters are also located, which can be easily removed for cleaning. You can also fit a 480mm radiator or smaller in the bottom, or 280mm if you use the wider one.

Phanteks Enthoo Primo Black

The fifth fan is located in the top. Here you can fit four 12 cm or three 14 cm fans, or a 480 mm radiator, or a 280 mm model if you go with the wider version.

Phanteks Enthoo Primo Black

In the right panel there's room for two more fans, either 12 or 14 cm models, or even a 240mm radiator. For the fans a separate bracket is included, which we showed earlier. This will increase the cooling of the hard disks, practical if you do use six of them.

Phanteks Enthoo Primo Black

A nice touch is the fact that all fans are connected to a central fan hub. While that's not new, this is a PWM hub. A single cable is connected to a PWM header on the motherboard and perhaps a power cable is connected to the hub. The end result is that all fans are PWM controlled. It's a very clever solution,

Phanteks Enthoo Primo Black

The liquid cooling features. The plate with mounting points for the liquid cooling tank has a bit of a different design.

Phanteks Enthoo Primo Black

All things considered, the Phanteks Enthoo Primo is a quality enclosure both on the inside and outside with a number of clever innovations and features. Some are even unique to this chassis. Let's find out how well it cools.

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Phanteks Enthoo Primo Black

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