Phanteks Enthoo Primo review: excellent first effort

Outstanding first tower chassis from Phanteks



The Phanteks Enthoo Primo is an imposing appearance when you first unpack it from its 20 kg box. With a width of 25 cm it's wider than most chassis, but because the right side has a groove and the side is lower than the rest, it doesn't look extremely wide. It's 65 cm tall, 61 cm deep and weighs 17 kg, so it's pretty big.

The front has a very sleek and minimalistic design, with a door that hides the 5.25-inch slots and panel you can unclick to open, behind which two intake fans are located. Around it Phanteks put some mesh parts for letting air. It's an asymmetrical design with rounded corners and edges, we really like it. The build quality is exceptional as well. All parts fit together perfectly and the chassis feels very solid. The left panel has two windows, one large and one smaller one. Materials used include steel, aluminium and plastic, with aluminium in front and on top.

Phanteks Enthoo Primo Black

The position of the connectors on top of the chassis can pose a problem. The Enthoo Primo is more than high enough to be placed on the floor next to you (and raising it off the floor slightly is always a good idea to keep down the amount of dust). However, then you have less of a chance to show off your cool chassis and undoubtedly quality components inside. With that in mind you want to put in on the desk next to your monitor, but if you want to reach the frontal connectors then you will have to get up from your chair each time. It's a minor detail, but worth mentioning since it's obvious Phanteks paid a lot of attention to these connectors. It probably would have been more practical had they put the connectors in front instead.

The connectors consist of two USB 2.0, two USB 3.0 and two audio ports. There is no memory card reader, something we do like to have, especially on higher-end chassis. Then again, this is Phanteks' first desktop enclosure. Next to the connectors you'll find the reset button and a button for turning on and off the lighting. That's because the Enthoo Primo is equipped with blue LEDs in the two frontal fans and in the strip on the right side. The power button is almost invisible the way it's integrated into the side at the top right.

Phanteks Enthoo Primo Black

On top there's a grille you can unclick to remove, equipped with a dust filter. The power button is visible below.

Phanteks Enthoo Primo Black

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Phanteks Enthoo Primo Black

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