Phanteks Enthoo Primo review: excellent first effort

Outstanding first tower chassis from Phanteks



While it's not perfect, Phanteks' first attempt at a desktop enclosure is an exceptional one. The design is unique and modern, the internal lay-out is both clever and flexible and Phanteks implemented a few interesting innovations. It basically contains about every single improvement we've seen in desktop chassis of the last few years. It's great that you get no less than five 14 cm case fans, as this is an area where many manufacturers like to cut corners. That means the Enthoo Primo is ready to use straight out of the box. 

For fans of liquid cooling this chassis has lots of options, but if you prefer sticking to air cooling you won't be left out in the cold. The central PWM hub makes it so that all fans are PWM controlled and also keeps the inside from being too cluttered with cables. There are lots of ways to keep the interior tidy from cables.

Of course there is room for improvement as well. The way you install 5.25-inch drives isn't optimal. Without screws it doesn't look as good, but screws are also impractical. The noise produced by this chassis is on the high side, but the cooling performance is outstanding. It also would have been nice with a memory card reader in the front. For most consumers these complaints will be irrelevant, however. Most people no longer use 5.25-inch drives or don't mind adding a screw. And when you buy an expensive chassis such as this, you tend to do it for a high-end system that won't be very quiet anyway, plus you have the option of liquid cooling. And memory card readers are still the exception to the rule when it comes to desktop chassis.

The build quality, the materials, the thought-through amenities, the installation options and flexibility are of such a high level, it's truly one of the best desktop cases we've ever tested. The Phanteks Enthoo Primo holds its own against the flagship models from experienced brands such as Corsair and Cooler Master, which is mighty impressive for a first product. It deserves nothing less than the Hardware.Info Gold Award, the fact that the price is more than reasonable is only a bonus.

Phanteks Enthoo Primo

Phanteks Enthoo Primo Black

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Phanteks Enthoo Primo Black

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