Cooler Master N200, N300, N500 & N600 review

Affordable chassis with room for liquid cooling



Cooler Master has a series of affordable chassis called the N series. They're supposed to cool well and are made for liquid cooling including 240 mm radiators, perhaps making them a good and affordable option for a powerful rig. We'll take a closer look at four N series models and compare them to 28 other chassis in the same price segment.

The N series consists of four ATX models and a micro-ATX chassis called the N200. We tested that one along with the N300, N500 and N600. Only the N400 won't get our attention today. The N200 costs an average of £33 / € 39 and the N300 costs almost the same but can fit full-size ATX boards. The flagship N600 is available for £ 64 / €75. All models are available with and without side window. We tested the versions without. 

V.l.n.r.: Cooler Master N200, N300, N500 en N600
Left to right: Cooler Master N300, N200, N500 and N600

In comparison

The chart below lists the volume of the chassis in this review based on their external dimensions. You can see that the N200 is fairly large for a micro-ATX chassis and that the other three are larger.

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