Kingston SSDNow E50 240GB review: affordable enterprise SSD

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The three year old LSI SandForce SF-2281 and SF-2581 controllers can't keep up in terms of performance, that much has been clear for a while now we've seen in a number of SSDs. 

The appeal of the Kingston SSDNow E50 is therefore that it's a very affordable enterprise-grade SSD, and the SSDNow E50 240GB is indeed far cheaper than the Intel DC S3700 or OCZ Deneva 2 drives. However, the Intel DC S3500 series of enterprise SSDs, also meant for read intensive workloads, is equally affordable and is faster. The saving grace for Kingston's SSD is the fact that it has an endurance rating of 739 TBW, which is a lot higher than the Intel DC S3500 240GB with only 140 TBW.

For a server workload that's almost only reading, the Intel SSD is the better option. If you expect you will exceed the TWB limit of the DC S3500, the Kingston SSDNow E50 is a good alternative. And don't forget that the E50 is still much faster than a 15k rpm conventional hard disk, which the SSD is a perfect replacement for. For providing a very affordable solution, it gets the Bronze Award.

Kingston SSDNow E50 240GB

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Kingston SSDNow E50 240GB

SSD, 240 GB, Serial ATA 600, SandForce SF-2581, 550 MB/s, 530 MB/s, 2.5 inch

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