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Earlier this year Corsair introduced a new high-end chassis called the Obsidian 900D. It was positioned above the old flagship model, the 800D. Today we're taking a closer look at the Obsidian 750D, the best desktop tower Corsair has ever designed in our opinion. Considering how high Corsair set the bar in the past, that is quite the achievement.

The Obsidian 900D was too much in some ways. It's a beautiful piece of design with a clever mechanism for locking the side panels and tons of interior space, truly a flagship product. Cooler Master's Cosmos II follows a similar concept. Like the 900D, it has an average price of almost £300, so it was disappointing that the cooling performance was acceptable but definitely not a new standard. When you add the huge (and unnecessary) size, the 900D was more a showcase than a product that many people would want.

When you look at photos, the Obsidian 750D looks a lot like the 900D. There are significant differences, however, and they're not just limited to the smaller size. The essence of the enclosure is basically the same, except that you can buy the 750D for £130. 

Corsair Obsidian 750D

In comparison

We compared the Corsair Obsidian 750D to other higher-end chassis, including the 900D. You can see in the table below that the 750D certainly isn't small, but it's also not on the level of the 900D and the Cosmos II. The 750D measures about 55 cm x 56 cm x 24 cm and weighs 9.5 kg without components.

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