D-Link ShareCenter DNS-327L Review: Cloud NAS?

D-Link aims higher



The D-Link ShareCenter DNS-327L is positioned a little higher than we're used to from D-Link, which is known for making very decent and affordable entry-level NAS devices. The DNS-327L is a bit more advanced and comes with a higher pricetag of around £145. 

D-Link DNS-327L

The design of the white chassis is a little different from your average NAS. It has room for two disks, which are oriented vertically and not horizontally. The only connectors consist of one gigabit network port and USB 3.0 in the back. The front has a power switch and a USB sync button. To access the disks you have to remove the lid on the top.

D-Link DNS-327L

The D-Link DNS 327L runs on a Marvell ARM 88F6707, single-core ARMv7 processor from the Marvell Armada 370 series clocked at 1.2 GHz. It's supported by 512 MB of RAM. In terms of hardware, this D-Link NAS is similar to the Synology DS213j which has the same processor. 

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D-Link DNS-327L

2 bay(s), 0 GB, 3.5 inch, Marvell Armada 370, 1000 Mbit/s

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