Microsoft Surface Pro 2 review: Microsoft's office tablet

Same design, new processor



The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 gives you the performance of a laptop in the shape of a tablet. It remains an innovative design, with a clever way of attaching the keyboard cover. It's nice that the kickstand now has two positions, together with the heavier Type Cover you can actually use the Surface Pro 2 in your lap now.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 64GB

It's definitely an interesting device, but you need to consider whether it suits your needs. It's heavier than your average tablet and with the cover attached it weighs as much as a deluxe Ultrabook, and those have a normal keyboard that's still better than what you get with the Surface Pro 2. Windows 8.1, despite the changes, still requires a keyboard to get the most out of its applications. Especially for MS Office, which is one of the main points of the Surface Pro 2, you need one of the covers. For a tablet, it has good connectors with the full-size USB 3.0 port and the Mini DisplayPort 1.2. However, normal laptops typically have more.

The battery life is very good thanks to the Haswell Intel Core i5 processor. With Office applications the Surface Pro 2 will last about 7.5 hours on a single battery charge. The new Core i5-4200U isn't that much faster than the Intel Core i5-3317U used in the first Surface Pro, however. The version we tested came with a 64 GB SSD, but since you can only use about half that we would recommend spending a little more money for the 128 GB model.


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