D-Link DIR-868L review: extremely fast router

Flagship 802.11ac router


Partially in the clouds

D-Link decided to make some settings available in a cloud. By not including that many, things are kept clear and well-organised. The things you potentially need on a regular basis are all present. These include creating guest networks, managing wireless security and firmware updates.

D-Link has so many apps you can download in the Play Store and App Store that there's almost too much choice. It's not always clear which product(s) an app is intended for, or whether an app is compatible with all D-Link routers. There's an app called QRS (Quick Router Setup) which helps you with setting up your router the first time around, and that's definitely nice for novice users. ASUS makes it even easier, however, because with their latest router you can just wirelessly connect from a tablet, after which the router automatically enters the installation process.

D-Link DIR-868L

The web interface looks familiar, and here you'll find advanced options such as port forwarding, DNS and so on. There are tons of features here, but it's not as well-organised as more modern interfaces from ASUS and Linksys. On the other hand, it is still (one of) the fastest interfaces available for routers. You never have to wait on reboots are for the settings to take effect, something you learn to appreciate if you're often digging around in router configurations and options.

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D-Link DIR-868L

Wireless, 802.11ac, 450 Mbit/s, 1300 Mbit/s

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