D-Link DIR-868L review: extremely fast router

Flagship 802.11ac router



The D-Link DIR-868L is currently one of the fastest routers you can buy. In basically every test it has good to excellent scores. We really have to try hard to find a downside to this router, and then it's only the USB 3.0 port that doesn't achieve USB 3.0 transfer rates. That's so inconsequential, however, that it really doesn't matter in the big picture here. A bit more important is the lesser score in the 10m WLAN-LAN test, but considering the outstanding score with three laptops in the WLAN-LAN test, that one also fades into the background.

D-Link DIR-868L

All things considered, if you want the best performance, the D-Link DIR-868L is a router you want. The test results are excellent and the interface responds quickly compared to that of other brands. If we're to be nitpicky, the interface use a 2013 facelift, or D-Link could move more of the options to the app instead.

Bottomline, the Hardware.Info Gold Award was made for products such as the D-Link DIR-868L.

D-Link DIR-868L

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D-Link DIR-868L

Wireless, 802.11ac, 450 Mbit/s, 1300 Mbit/s

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